Getting rid of unwanted medicine

A three-week campaign beginning next month in Adelaide will encourage older people to safely dispose of their unwanted medicine at local pharmacies.

Older people in Adelaide are being encouraged to dispose of expired and unused medications at local pharmacies.

Operation Medicine Cabinet is a joint initiative of Home Instead Senior Care and Chemplus Pharmacy Group.

The program will begin on 15 June and run for three weeks, assisting seniors to get rid of unwanted medicine in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

“Operation Medicine Cabinet aims to help protect seniors from accidentally using expired medication,” said Home Instead Senior Care director, Mark McBriarty

“We also want to create awareness of the correct way to dispose of unwanted medication and have gained the support of the Chemplus Pharmacy Group to achieve this.

Mr McBriarty added that returning unwanted medication to the pharmacy for collection is the safest option for everybody.

“Throwing old medication away in the garbage, for example, may result in the drugs being accidentally swallowed by children or family pets,” he said.

“The drugs could also seep out of their containers, contaminating the soil. 

“Flushing medication down the toilet or the kitchen or bathroom sink can also lead to contamination of the water supply.

The Chemplus Pharmacy Group runs a free disposal service allowing seniors or their family members to return their medication to the counter staff.

“All medications come with a use-by date to protect their users, “said spokesperson, Lewis Pounentis.

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