An alliance international alliance of palliative care organisations has issued a joint declaration calling for palliative care and painmanagement to be recognised as human rights.

Led by the International Association for Hospice and Palliative Care (IAHPC) and the Worldwide Palliative Care Alliance (WWPCA), the collaboration said access to palliative care was fundamental to upholding existing human rights such as freedom from torture and cruel or degrading treatment.

“Of the more than 1 million people who die each week, only a minority of those in need receive palliative care resulting in widespread unnecessary suffering,” the alliance said.

The document called on governments to adopt national palliative care and pain treatment plans underpinned by comprehensive training policies for nurses and other health professionals.

Among the group’s top priorities are the removal of regulatory and legal barriers that interfere with the rational use of controlled medications and a greater focus on palliative care in universities.

The alliance is calling on other international and national organisations with an interest in palliative care and pain treatment to join the global campaign.

Individuals and organisations are able to sign the declaration by clicking here.

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