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Kathryn Greiner

AUDIO: Government needs to lead the way in creating liveable communities for all citizens, Kathryn Greiner told the inaugural universal design conference in Sydney yesterday.

Ms Greiner, who is the chair of the NSW Ministerial Advisory Committee on Ageing, told COTA NSW’s Universal Design Conference that public policy was only good policy when it assisted all members of the community.

She said government had to engage the wider community in its efforts as well as the private sector, which would be absolutely essential to providing affordable housing for seniors to age in place.

After her presentation, AAA’s Natasha Egan spoke with Ms Greiner about creating liveable communities and what’s needed to help people age in place:

Greiner tweet 2

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The inaugural Australian Universal Design Conference was instigated by COTA NSW and organised by Interpoint Events, the events arm of the Intermedia Group, publisher of Australian Ageing Agenda.




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