IT upgrade to combat staff shortages

A new aged care software product automatically directs staff to follow an organisation’s systems and processes.

IT company AutumnCare has released an updated version of its aged care client management software which it claims will change the way aged care services are delivered.

The new program features a module called ‘Automated Intelligence’ which lets provider organisations add their clinical and business rules into the system and run them automatically.

The software will direct end users to follow the organisation’s chosen systems and processes.

AutumnCare’s Managing Director Stuart Hope said the new development will support providers’ quality care and risk management processes.

“A good example would be if a resident fell over, the system would record that incident,” he said.

“When the incident was recorded, the facility’s process may be to create a falls risk assessment so then the system would create a task for an RN to do that assessment.”

“At the same time, it would automatically create a note saying this person has a high falls risk and create a care alert for that resident so all staff know that they are high risk.”

The new feature has been developed to help providers cope with the shortage of clinical staff and to meet the high standards demanded by government.

“As a software company, we are trying to help the industry address some of fundamental issues which they face at the moment,” Mr Hope said.

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