Kalano aged care back in community hands

Kalano Community Association Incorporation will resume management of the Kalano Flexible Aged Care Centre this month.

The management of the Kalano Flexible Aged Care Centre in Katherine in the Northern Territory is returning to the local First Nations community later this month.

Kalano Community Association Incorporation will take back operations of the aged care centre from 28 September after 13 years under Australian Red Cross.

KCAI is very happy to once again be the provider of aged care services to the First Nations people of the Big Rivers Region, said KCAI chief executive officer Alan Mole.

Alan Mole celebrating NAIDOC week 2023

“We are confident that we can provide a high-quality culturally appropriate age care service and look forward to including our aged care residents in our community-based activities,” Mr Mole said.

Australian Red Cross stepped in at the request of the community so the service could remain in Katherine. But it was always the intention for management to return to KCAI in the long term, said director NT Australian Red Cross William Daw.

“We are thrilled to see KCAI take over operation of the Kalano Aged Care service once more,” Mr Daw said. “Australian Red Cross is committed to working alongside First Nations peoples and enabling solutions which are driven from the community.”

William Daw

He said the service had performed strongly and is transitioning back to community management with the Department of Health and Aged Care.

“This is great success story and will help ensure services reflect the needs and goals of the local community, being designed and delivered by local people,” Mr Daw said.

Australian Red Cross and KCAI are working together to ensure a smooth transition next Thursday. Their focus is on minimal disruptions to clients, their families, staff and the broader community, the organisations said.

Main image: staff and residents at Kalano Flexible aged care centre celebrating NAIDOC week 2023

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