Keeping in touch through the TV

TiVo’s national distributor plans to launch a television-based social networking system for seniors.

With assistance from Chris Nicholls.

The national distributor of the well-known TiVo television device plans to develop a social networking service for seniors.

The new community service would be based on Hybrid TV Services Australia’s new online content distribution system, CASPA, and older Australians would be able to access it through their television sets.

“We, as companies, keep getting preoccupied with gigabytes and tuners and technical jargon,” said the CEO Hyrbrid TV Services, Robbee Minicola.

“We forget about the rest of the country who’s sitting on the couch, waiting for somebody to tell them a very simple way to do more than watch free to air television.”

According to Minicola, the seniors networking system would resemble dating site RSVP, although it would focus on fostering social rather than romantic connections.

“It’s not about dating, because most senior citizens just can’t get around,” she said. “It’s about communication…talking…because most senior citizens don’t go online.”

While she did not say it explicitly, Minicola hinted that the system would be voice activated.

“The whole idea behind our services is that you do not need a keyboard,” she said. “If you need a keyboard, we’ve failed.”

It is not known when the social networking system would be launched as Hybrid TV Services has not found a developer for the concept.

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