Labor pledges to improve aged care

In its Budget reply last night, Labor pledged $2.5 billion to fix the aged care sector.

A $2.5 billion package to overhaul the aged care sector was at the core of Labor’s Budget reply last night.

Under the plan, unveiled in parliament by opposition leader Anthony Albanese, the Labor party committed to:

  • a fully funded wage increase for workers
  • registered nurses on site 24/7
  • an increase in carers
  • higher food standards
  • more funding for the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission.

Labor’s five pledges

Labor’s first aged care pledge will ensure that every aged care facility will have a registered, qualified nurse on site all hours of the day, every day of the week.

The second pledge – as recommended by the royal commission – mandates that every resident in an aged care facility receives a minimum of 215 minutes of care per day.

“That means more care for every resident, every day,” Mr Albanese said. “So, if you have a loved one in aged care, you can be certain they will get more time with a registered nurse and more time with enrolled nurses and personal care workers.”

The third pledge backs a much-called for and long-overdue wage hike for aged care workers. “I believe in higher wages,” said Mr Albanese.

Labor’s fourth aged care pledge requires aged care facilities to abide by a mandatory nutrition standard. The fifth promises extra funding for the aged care commission.

This, said Mr Albanese, will ensure greater “integrity and accountability”.

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2 thoughts on “Labor pledges to improve aged care

  1. Never mind the smoke and mirrors. Aged care, like every other industry, cannot recruit enough people – nobody is applying for jobs! Address that issue first please.

  2. It’s great to hear that the Labor Party is committed to improving aged care. Our elderly population deserves high-quality and compassionate care, and I hope that these efforts will lead to positive changes in the industry. It’s crucial that we prioritize the needs and well-being of our seniors, and I’m glad to see this issue being addressed by political leaders.

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