LASA campaign launch: a countdown to action

LASA has launched a new national campaign, 3 Million Reasons, to influence the proposed aged care reform legislation currently before parliament and to advocate for aged care funding that matches the actual cost of delivering care.

Leading Age Services Australia has launched a new political campaign, 3 Million Reasons, to step up the pressure on federal politicians ahead of the passage of the aged care reform legislation through parliament.

Members of the LASA executive at the national and state level have been meeting with critical MPs seeking support for LASA’s amendments to the aged care reform bills, as well as enlisting the support of the wider public and aged care workforce.

LASA CEO Patrick Reid said at it stands the legislation has the capacity to negatively impact on the industry, which will in turn affect care and services provided to older Australians.

LASA is currently seeking the support of federal politicians to demand that the principles related to the proposed legislation are considered alongside the bills and are properly scutinised. At the moment, the government only plans to release the principles after the passage of the legislation.

“From information available regarding the principles, LASA is advocating for key changes to areas including bonds and retentions, Specified Care and Services Schedule, Workforce Compact and Home Care,” said Reid.

“Alongside LASA’s advocacy in Canberra and across the country in local electorates, 3 Million Reasons will harness support from frontline workers, residents and clients, their families and ordinary Australians,” he said.

“LASA believes it is necessary to involve as many Australians as possible in the conversation of age service reform while the legislation is before the Federal Parliament.” 

The campaign is asking the public, residents and staff to submit photos holding the support banner to the campaign’s website and to share the campaign through social media networks.

There are currently three million people aged over 65 living in Australia and unless the aged services workforce is supported to grow, 279,000 Australians will be without aged care by 2050, said Reid.

The bills are currently before a Senate inquiry, which is due to report by June 17.

The campaign will extend into the lead up to the September election to seek commitments from all parties for aged care funding that matches actual care needs, he said.

For more information or to find out how to support the campaign, visit:

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  1. Good work LASA! there needs to be more done in relation to the lack of funding for aged care facilities. The Fed Government doesn’t understand the impact that cuts in ACFI funding has had on the every day experience of people living and working within aged care facilities.

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