Leadership changes at workforce remote accord

The Aged Care Workforce Remote Accord has announced interim leadership appointments following the resignation of Chris Hall.

The Aged Care Workforce Remote Accord has announced that Chris Hall stepped down from the role of chair on 30 June 2022.

Chris Hall

The resignation follows Mr Hall’s announcement in May to retire from West Australia provider Juniper.

The Aged Care Workforce Remote Accord, which was established in 2018, consists of a group of employers and experts delivering aged care services in remote and very remote areas. It aims to improve the aged care workforce in order to meet the needs of care recipients.

Aged Care Workforce Remote Accord executive officer Mary Quinlan thanked Mr Hall for his work over the previous four years as inaugural chair.

Praveen Gopal

“We acknowledge and warmly thank Chris for the significant contribution he has made in leading our efforts as we work towards an appropriate, sustainable workforce for people accessing aged care in remote and very remote areas of Australia,” she said.

Mr Hall will remain in the leadership group until his replacement at Juniper commences.

Deputy chair Praveen Gopal stepped into the role of interim chair from 1 July 2022 while the interim deputy chair role has gone to leadership group member Ken Markwell – who is executive general manager of Indigenous services at Australian Unity.

Ken Markwell

The leadership group expects to confirm the ongoing appointments for the chair and deputy chair roles in the coming months.

This announcement coincides with another form the accord about a two-year $2.3 million project just underway to develop a toolbox of workforce attraction and retention strategies for remote and very remote providers.

“The [Aged Care Workforce] Remote Accord will continue to work closely with the Aged Care Industry Workforce Council to promote and support the needs of aged care providers working with older people in remote and very remote communities,” Ms Quinlan said.

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