Medication management made easy

A Brisbane-based pharmacy services provider wins an Australian Business Award for its automatic, medication-dispensing sachets.

Pharmacy services provider APHS has won the 2007 Australian Business Award for Product Excellence for its TeSS sachet system – an innovative system to deliver medication to aged care facility residents.

The device is an automated system that packs, delivers, stores and regulates oral medications.

At a dedicated facility in Brisbane, TeSS uses specialised software to enter prescriptions from general practitioners into a dispensing system which packages each resident’s weekly medications into transparent sachets that have specific information about the patient and dosages on the back.

The sachets are produced in strips for each resident and are subject to a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure that they contain the right drugs and specify the right doses before they are delivered.

“It is safe, effective and very efficient and those qualities are vitally important for aged care facility staff and residents,” said APHS Managing Partner, Stuart Giles.

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