More incentives needed: ANF

The union says the government needs to set minimum staffing levels and close the wage gap to avert an aged care crisis.

The Australian Nursing Federation (ANF) has responded to the reported non-compliance at Kirralee Residential Aged Care Facility with calls for more regulations about staff in aged care.

The union says that to solve the aged care ‘crisis’, the government needs to set minimum staffing levels, ensure all aged care staff are licensed and do more to close the wage gap for nurses in the sector.

“The new federal government has an opportunity to end this crisis and ensure the highest quality of care for all Australians in residential aged care,” said Federal Secretary, Ged Kearney.

Ms Kearney said there needed to be more incentives to keep nurses, who are already at “breaking point”, in the sector.
“Those nurses still working in aged care are paid, on average, $250 per week less then their colleagues in other areas. They can earn up to $20,000 less per annum,” she said.

“When will the federal government start putting mechanisms in place to ensure funding reaches the nurses, giving Australia’s elderly a better chance of receiving quality residential care?”

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