Everyone working in aged care is being encouraged to complete an online survey on how they feel about working in the sector.

Responses to the employee engagement and enablement survey will inform the development of the national workforce strategy.

The survey is part of ongoing work by the aged care workforce taskforce, which held its first meeting in November and began consultation in February.

The taskforce, chaired by Professor John Pollaers, is due to report to the Minister for Aged Care Ken Wyatt by 30 June.

In addition to informing the workforce strategy, the employee engagement and enablement survey aims to provide a benchmark for organisational improvement.

The results will make a difference to understanding the aged care sector and the current issues facing the workforce, a spokesperson for the taskforce said.

The 15-minute anonymous survey, which is being run by Korn Ferry Hay Group, closes on 15 April 2018.

Register for the survey here.

Find out more about this and the workforce taskforce’s other initiatives here.

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