New continence management tools

The Continence Foundation of Australia has developed a new online exchange for medical professionals about best practice in continence management along with a new support forum for Australians living with continence issues.

An online information sharing tool for health professionals about best practice in managing continence has just been launched by the Continence Foundation of Australia.

The Australian Continence Exchange (ACE) provides resources on continence management consolidated from a range or sources around the world for health professionals to access and a platform for them to share ideas.

Continence Foundation of Australia chief executive Barry Cahill said: “Health professionals can be alerted to professional development opportunities, connect with other clinicians to chat about continence care, and download a wide range of resources.”

Those resources include the latest research reports and clinical guidelines, the consumer information library, product supplier directories, expert video presentations and information about continence subsidy schemes.

ACE also provides a list of news and events and education opportunities plus a platform for health professionals to share ideas via an online forum.

“The live forum is a great tool for specialist and non-specialist professionals to ask questions, gain peer support and advice, and learn about new research findings,” Mr Cahill said.

ACE is administered by the Continence Foundation of Australia and funded the Department of Health and Ageing under the National Continence Program.

Health professionals can connect by going to the Australian Continence Exchange website (

An incontinence support forum

The Continence Foundation of Australia has also launched a forum for Australians who are experiencing bladder or bowel control problems or caring for someone who is.

The Incontinence Support Forum is a confidential online chat site moderated by consumers and continence health professionals.

The foundation says the forum was developed because while 2010 statistics show nearly 4.8 million Australians are living with incontinence many people are reluctant to discuss the issue even with their GP.

People can now talk openly about their issues surrounding incontinence and ask questions in an anonymous and safe environment, Mr Cahill said. 

“The forum enables people to share their experiences with others to gain peer support and advice, and overcome feelings of isolation,” he said.

The Incontinence Support Forum is also a useful resource for health professionals to recommend to their clients for additional support, said Stephen Marburg, National Continence Helpline coordinator.

“People can chat anonymously with others who have continence issues and ask questions of health professionals outside regular appointment times,” Mr Marburg said.

Health professionals are encouraged to refer clients to the Incontinence Support Forum ( website.

For more information about the foundation visit the Continence Foundation of Australia website or call 1800 33 00 66. 

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