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Coverage of the two major industry conferences will be significantly enhanced this year with Australia Ageing Agenda and Aged Care Channel’s new joint venture, the NEWSROOM.

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Coverage of the two major industry conferences will be significantly enhanced this year with Australia Ageing Agenda and Aged Care Channel’s new joint venture, the NEWSROOM. 

With 1 July fresh in their minds and the many implications and changes still to be understood, aged services leaders and staff are eagerly awaiting the industry’s two major summits – the national conferences of ACSA and LASA, taking place in September and October respectively.

Both events offer an impressive array of experts and industry leaders, speaking on a wide range of important topics impacting the sector.

To ensure the news and views being shared at these events is disseminated to as wide an audience as possible, AAA and ACC have launched a new initiative in conference reporting – The NEWSROOM.

It will work as follows.

The NEWSROOM will be a designated space at each event, where the AAA and ACC teams will be interviewing and profiling both speakers and delegates.

By using a range of media, such as video, audio and photography, The NEWSROOM will promote the latest research, practice and innovation being showcased at the conference.

This will be in addition to AAA’s traditional reporting (online and in print) and both AAA and ACC’s use of social media such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Darragh O’Keeffe, editor of AAA, said: “The NEWSROOM represents an exciting development in our evolving partnership with the ACC, and the result will be dynamic coverage of the two major industry conferences.”

Karen Martin, strategic partners and development manager at ACC said: “We are very excited about this new initiative, as we believe it will assist us in highlighting the latest news, research and opinion on key issues being discussed.”

Adding another interactive element, delegates at each event will be encouraged to visit The NEWSROOM to have their say on some of the hot topics being discussed. Both delegates and The NEWSROOM teams will be sharing these views with the wider audience via social media – facilitating a powerful, industry-wide discussion.

Engaging coverage

The NEWSROOM will utilise a range of multimedia to communicate the conference’s proceedings to the broader industry. Using video, audio, online journalism, photography and social media, the AAA and ACC teams will produce engaging coverage of the news and views emanating from the conference.


  • Video: Video interviews with the keynote speakers where they discuss their presentations, respond to questions from the floor and give their views on some of the big issues facing aged care in Australia.
  • Audio: Hear industry leaders and experts, as well as conference delegates, discuss current challenges and opportunities, trends and developments in aged care, as canvassed at the conference.
  • Online journalism: Our journalists will file reports from the plenary and concurrent sessions, carrying the latest news and opinion being shared at the event.
  • Social media: From ‘tweet reporting’ to image galleries on Facebook and posting videos on YouTube, the teams will be sharing NEWSROOM content on AAA and ACC’s social media streams.

Through the use of these various media, the NEWSROOM coverage will reach far and wide. This will ensure that the news and opinion being shared at the conference is disseminated to as broad an audience as possible.

Follow AAA online for further updates on the NEWSROOM. ACSA National Conference takes place in Adelaide, 7-10 September. LASA National Congress takes place in Adelaide, 20-22 October. 


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