New technology delivers old style radio

A new program will see aged care radio programs transmitted to television sets over the internet.

Aged care residents across the country will now be able to tune into a dedicated radio station through their television sets.

The new Web2TV service from Aged Care Radio uses the internet to transmit radio programs into a facility’s TV network. All that is needed to pick up the signal is an internet connection and a special set-top box.

“As far as I know, this has never been done before and it has definitely never been done in Australia,” said the director of Aged Care Radio, Ben Hannemann.

“Aged care is pioneering a new approach to deliver old style radio.”

Aged Care Radio has been streaming programs aimed at aged care residents on its website for some time but it was looking for ways to make the programs more accessible.

The group has trialled the new approach at two Primelife facilities in Melbourne and is now preparing to roll it out across the country.

Mr Hannemann says he hopes to have 100 aged care facilities connected to the service by this time next year.

The Web2TV service also allows facilities to display news, updates and games on residents’ television screens.

Primelife’s National Marketing Manager, Krissy Weightman Topfer said the new technology provided great potential for residential aged care.

“The more communication we can have the residents involved in, the better,” she said.

“With the radio and the noticeboard, facilities become more community orientated. Everyone knows what is going on and people can opt in or out of that – but they all have the opportunity to be involved.”

The Web2TV system uses a separate ADSL connection to ensure that it doesn’t interfere with existing IT infrastructure.

Mr Hannemann said the system costs $9,000 to install and users then pay a $4,000 annual subscription and maintenance fee.

The Aged Care Radio station broadcasts news and a wide range of music, including blues, jazz, country and music from the ’60s.

Click here to view a video about the Web2TV system.

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