A web-based remote patient monitoring solution has been launched in Australia in a bid to revolutionise the delivery of care to people with chronic health conditions.

Intel Corporation’s Health Guide is an online interface that lets clinicians monitor patients in their own homes and manage their care from a remote location.

The new solution collects vital signs and provides patient reminders and tools for education

The system connects wirelessly to blood pressure monitors, scales and pulse oximeters throughout the patient’s house.

It also enables feedback between health staff and patients through video conferencing and email notifications.

“With more than four million Australians expected to be over the age of 70 by 2050, it is vital that we collaborate with clinicians and government on effective and viable technological solutions that enable new models of care,” said Intel’s Australian health industry manager, Dr. George Margelis.

“The introduction of the Intel Health Guide…will help seniors and the chronically ill while also taking a step forward in changing how health care is delivered in Australia.”

Intel is currently working with Hunter Nursing Agencies in NSW on a pilot study involving 50 high-risk patients with more than one chronic disease.

Hunter Nursing Agencies’ nursing director, Margaret Scott, said the Health Guide had provided the organisation with exciting new options.

“For the first time, clinicians now have access to a remote monitoring devices and an online patient management interface that very naturally fits in with our approach to the provision of care, while delivering evidence-based outcomes that better guide our decision making process.” 

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