“Next generation” alarm system

Tunstall Healthcare has launched what it is describing as the “next generation” in personal alarm systems.

The Connect + is being touted as the “next generation” of personal alarm systems.

Tunstall Healthcare has launched a new range of assistive technology, which it describes as the next generation of in-home personal alarms.

The Connect + range can operate on digital and analogue phone systems and is also set up to send voice messages over the internet.

Designed for older people living at home, the system can connect users with a response operator to arrange assistance at any time of the day or night.

It is also capable of connecting with up to 35 different sensors monitoring activities and conditions within the home. 

The sensors can detect a range of triggers and potentially dangerous situations, such as excessive water on the floor or smoke in the house.

They can also send an alert if a person with dementia gets out of bed and does not return or if they leave the house at an unusual time.

When a risk is detected, the Connect + system will send an alert to Tunstall’s 24-hour response centre or a chosen family member or carer.

It also has an automatic reminder function which prompts people to take their medication at the right time and seeks confirmation that the activity has occurred.

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