Nurses call for better pay

The ANF says the additional CAP funding secured in the budget should be directed towards nurses’ and carers’ pay packets.

The Australian Nursing Federation (ANF) has called on the aged care industry to use the increase in the level of the Conditional Adjustment Payment (CAP) to close the wages gap in aged care.

“Aged care nurses and carers are the worst paid in the health care industry, if we are to have any hope of attracting and retaining dedicated and qualified staff to care for the most vulnerable Australians the government must ensure this money is directed towards improving their wages;” said Ged Kearney, ANF Federal Secretary.

The ANF said that nurses and carers working in aged care currently earn $20,000 less than their colleagues in other sectors.

It said that under these circumstances, it is impossible for aged care providers to attract staff from an already tight labour market.

Without adequate numbers of qualified nurses and carers working in the aged care sector, older Australians will not receive the quality of care that they deserve, the ANF warned.

“It is essential for the well being of senior Australians, who often have complex health care needs, to have access to excellent care should they need it,” said Ms Kearney.

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