The Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency has joined forces with aged care industry peak bodies in NSW, Queensland, South Australia and the Northern Territory to offer the Understanding Accreditation course to association members.

The Understanding Accreditation course is a practical toolkit for aged care facilities, organised and run by the Accreditation Agency.

Now, the course will be hosted and promoted by the industry associations, and still supported and facilitated by Accreditation Agency trainers.

Accreditation Agency CEO, Mark Brandon, said working with industry associations to deliver education and training was an ideal way of reaching a broader audience.

“The more people that do this course, the better – for staff, management and for residents,” Mr Brandon said.

The move, announced today, follows on from the development of a successful partnership with LASA Victoria to deliver the same accreditation course. 

CEO of LASA Victoria John Begg: “Since July 2010, LASA Victoria has enjoyed a successful partnership with the Agency, one that has enabled 293 participants across 101 organisations to complete the Understanding Accreditation course. We look forward to continuing this partnership into 2013 and beyond.”

The course will be hosted by: Leading Age Services Australia (LASA) Vic in Victoria; Leading Age Services Australia (LASA) NSW and Aged Care Services (ACS) NSW in NSW; In Queensland – Leading Age Services Australia (LASA) QLD in QLD; and Leading Age Services Australia (LASA) SA and Aged Care Services (ACS) SA in SA/NT.

“Having a better understanding of accreditation – from self-assessment to audits, continuous improvement and effective communication with residents – means we are all on the same page,” said Mr Brandon. 

“And that leads to a united focus on quality.

“By working together to promote and run this important course – we can help make that happen.”

CEO of LASA NSW-ACT, Charles Wurf, said the course will provide an opportunity for providers and their staff to have a greater understanding of the accreditation process.

“Our providers work hard to comply with and exceed the standards, and any assistance or opportunity for greater awareness is welcome,” Mr Wurf said

“We look forward to working with the Accreditation Agency to provide these courses and encourage those who are interested to attend in either the latter half of 2012, or in the first half of 2013”

LASA-SA CEO, Paul Carberry said: “A thorough understanding of the Accreditation Standards and assessment methodology are essential for staff directly involved in the process, and very useful knowledge for all aged care staff, whatever their role. So, we are very pleased to be partnering with the Agency to promote and host this course.”

ACS SA CEO Alan Graham said: “This course is a perfect opportunity for our members to get a better understanding of accreditation, and feel confident that they can demonstrate they meet the Accreditation Standards.

“As it is run by facilitators from the Accreditation Agency, you will gain a real insider’s view of the accreditation process. I believe this is essential learning for anyone involved in accreditation.”

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  1. Morning I am a registered working in aged care in Tasmania will the courses be available to staff working on the floor and are they available in Tasmania?kind regards Diane Flannigan.

  2. This is good news, that should help the organisation educate the frontline staff on the accreditation process. I would be interested to see some education for staff to develope better care and understand their duty of care, their application of skill and their development of competency in care work, nursing, communication, etc etc etc. Education of the registered nurses to evidence base the descisions and outcomes, and validation of the care models they deliver. Change is coming.

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