Playgroup brings joy to aged care residents

A playgroup hosted within an aged care facility is showing intergenerational activities are effective in helping residents keep connected, a leading provider says.

SummitCare residents are benefiting from new playgroup

A playgroup hosted within an aged care facility is showing intergenerational activities are effective in helping residents keep connected, a leading provider says.

Aged care provider SummitCare has partnered with Playgroup NSW to host a new playgroup to foster a connection between generations.

Parents and carers of children aged up to six can drop in to SummitCare’s residential aged care centre in Wallsend on Monday mornings to share activites with a select group of residents.

SummitCare CEO Cynthia Payne said the playgroup included music, singing, art activities and stories.

“The smiles on our residents’ faces show how much they just love it when the children interact with them,” she said.

Parents have the opportunity to make friends and create a network, as well as learn about the life stories of the residents.

For the children, attending playgroup can benefit their social, emotional, physical, cognitive and language development.

“There are also so many opportunities to enhance the wellbeing of our residents in intergenerational playgroups – the social interaction can really spark lovely memories, and the connections they make can support their social and emotional needs,” Ms Payne said.

Karen van Woudenberg, Playgroup NSW deputy CEO said intergenerational playgroups brought seniors, children and their parents together.

“Interacting with seniors adds a new dimension to the playgroup experience and can be especially enriching for those who are not able to spend time with their grandparents,” she said.

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4 thoughts on “Playgroup brings joy to aged care residents

  1. I love this idea as I think most of us do but at the first case of cross infection there will be an outcry. I am sure Summit have thought of this but will all those replicating the idea do this. Sadly people in Aged Care have a higher incidence of infection not because they are not cared for but because their immunity is compromised and as any working Mum will tell you kids are walking germ banks in winter.

  2. Combining preschools and aged care has been very successful in Europe, so here’s hoping this new concept in Australia is a success and can be adopted quickly across SummitCare and Playgroup NSW groups, as well as with other organisations. Excellent news!

  3. The aged care facility where I work has an ‘Intergenerational playgroup’, it is one of the best enterprises that we undertake. The joy exhibited by the residents and the children is very special and the interactions between children and the residents are magical and extraordinary. Some of the residents who attend are living with dementia and being with the children exhibits responses not ordinarily seen. A very worthwhile venture, highly recommend it. Our facility is an accredited playgroup.

  4. Excellent idea. My mum has dementia and loves when the nursing staff bring their children in.

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