A first step towards reform

A new national aged care information line marks the first step towards a nationally integrated aged care system.

Older people and sector staff throughout the country will now be able to access information about aged care services via a single phone number, following the introduction of a new national aged care information line this week.

The new phone number, a federal government initiative, will consolidate a range of existing 1800 numbers and make valuable aged care information more accessible.

Minister for Mental Health and Ageing, Mark Butler, said the new national phone number marks a first step towards a nationally integrated aged care system.

“This is about simplifying the system and making it easier for older Australians, their carers and their families to find and access the aged care services they need,” Minister Butler said. 

“More than 1.2 million older Australians rely on aged care and with this number only set to grow as our population ages, it’s important we make practical improvements that take the confusion out of navigating a system that so many Australians rely upon.

More than $36.8 million is being invested to establish a new front end for aged care that will improve information, intake and assessment through a national aged care hub and the establishment of local care and assessment teams over the next three years.

The government said it will continue to make the aged care system more responsive to the needs of older Australians as part of its response to the Productivity Commission’s final report into the aged care system.

To access the new information line, call 1800 200 422.

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