An aged care sector IT survey has found that 99.8 per cent of aged care services use at least one computer and 97 per cent have internet access.

The results were revealed by the Minister for Ageing, Justine Elliot who was reporting on Commonwealth-funded research and clinical IT trials to the twentieth annual Nursing and Management Issues Congress in Sydney.

Mrs Elliot used the opportunity to urge the industry to adopt more information systems, saying it would lead to improved resident care and further savings.

“We are seeing major progress in clinical-monitoring trials – the results provide important opportunities for the sector,” Mrs Elliot said.

“I urge providers to adopt new information technology, save on their bottom line and take Australia closer to a seamless care-delivery system – between healthcare providers and aged care homes,” Mrs Elliot said.

The Minister referred to one trial across 23 aged care homes that saved $200,000.

“If adopted by all 2,870 nursing homes across Australia – this one program alone could translate into potential savings in the order of $25 million,” said Mrs Elliot.

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