The advisory panel behind a Commonwealth Government-led national review on occupational health and safety (OHS) laws has issued an invitation for written submissions.

The three-person panel was been commissioned to find the optimal structure and content of a model OHS act that could be adopted in all jurisdictions.

The review panel chair, Robin Stewart-Crompton said the panel is looking forward to receiving the submissions that use evidence and reasoning to support proposals.

“Our recommendations will be designed to improve OHS outcomes and we strongly encourage all who are making written submissions to explain how that might best be achieved in a model OHS law,” said Mr Stewart-Crompton.

“We want to ensure that the legislative OHS framework is effective and responsive to the changing needs and working arrangements in Australian workplaces. 

“The panel welcomes comments and proposals on any matters within its terms of reference.”

The panel has consulted with key stakeholders in all states and territories to develop an issues paper, which all people making submissions are advised to read.

In accordance with the review’s terms of reference, all matters raised in the submissions will be considered on their merits.

All submissions must be received by 11 July.

Unless indicated otherwise, submissions will be made public on the Review website.

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