Indexation isn’t enough for staff: ACAA

The government says aged care funding indexation will boost the industry’s viability but ACAA says it won’t keep up with wage costs.

The Minister for Ageing has issued a statement saying that the Commonwealth Government’s annual indexation of aged care funding will boost the industry’s viability.

Justine Elliot said that from 1 July government payments for residential care would increase by $130 million and community care subsidies would increase by two per cent.

“This increase in funds flowing to the sector will help assist in meeting the cost fof the care needs of our ageing population,” the minister said.

“The additional funds will assist older Australians live independently in their own homes and communities and also provide for a high quality aged care home if it is needed.”

But Aged Care Association Australia (ACAA) criticised the Minister for ignoring the poor wages of aged care workers.

“If a country should be judged on how it treats its elderly, it should also be judged on how it treats the staff who provide the compassion, care and devotion to provide the highest quality of service within very limited resources said,” said Mr Young.

“Our staff are not there for the money, they are passionate about what they do but when your pay rates are falling behind everyone else, there comes a point when sacrifice and patience is beyond endurance.”

Mr Young said the government’s decision to set aged care indexation at 1.9 per cent showed that it undervalued older people.

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