Looking towards 2030

The NSW Government reveals its plans for an ageing population.

The NSW Government has unveiled a long-term plan to accommodate an ageing population in decades to come.

The Towards 2030 report produced by the Department of Ageing, Disabilities and Home Care (DADHC) was produced following a summit on the ageing population held in October last year.

“Towards 2030 is about shaping the future of our state and reaching 2030 with plans and preparation in place, rather than letting the ageing of the population overwhelm us,” said an introduction to the report written by DADHC.

A key element of the strategy is a joint effort with business groups, the Commonwealth and other state governments to

“A declining workforce participation rate will stimulate greater interest in workers who are currently marginally attached to the labour force, including older workers,” the report said.

“With a longer period of active retirement for most people, volunteering will become an even more popular way to participate in the community which will also maintain social cohesion across the generations.”

The target year of 2030 was chosen by then, the proportion of NSW’s population aged 65 and over will have jumped to 22 per cent – or an estimated 1.8 million people.

The report also indicated that DADHC will explore new models of delivering community care to older people living in their own homes.

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