More HACC funding for WA

The federal government has announced that they will top up Western Australia HACC funding by an extra $1.8 million.

Older people in receipt of Home and Community Care (HACC) services in Western Australia will benefit from an extra $1.8 million worth of federal government funding, the Minister for Health and Ageing, Justine Elliot, announced.

The funding will apply to new and extended projects across the state. The boost is expected to pay for an additional 458 hours of domestic assistance services; 1,278 hours of centre-based day care services; 2,349 hours of personal cares services; and 2,567 hours of social support, throughout WA. 

“This funding will deliver the practical support and assistance that allow older people and people with disabilities to remain independent, in their own homes and communities, close to friends and family for as long as they can,” the Minister said. 

“These services provide the practical assistance that many older Australians need.

Services in the local South West Metropolitan planning region, which includes parts of the Fremantle electorate, will receive $130,000 from the funding.

Member for Freemantle, Melissa Parke MP, said the extra funding will support services such as transport, home modifications and meals delivery, and reduce the reliance on residential aged care and health services.

“These services are a great example of how sensible and well-resourced support programs can make a big improvement to the lives of many people in our community who need help with everyday living,” said Ms Parke.

“The Fremantle electorate, like the rest of Australia, is facing the challenges of an ageing population and this funding will make a real difference to people living in our area.”

Neighbourhood Link, which operates in Freemantle, was one of the services included in the hand out. It received $13,990 for vehicle modifications to improve transport services for people in the area.

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