One-off $7 million respite funding

The Commonwealth will give grants to almost 350 community respite programs to upgrade their services.

The federal government will provide $7 million in grants to almost 350 community-based respite services across Australia.

The grants have been made available through the Commonwealth’s National Respite for Carers Program and (NRFCP) will be put towards building modifications and the purchase of equipment and furniture.

The Minister for Ageing, Justine Elliot said the funding would support carers at the community level.

“These one-off grants will improve and support respite services for carers by covering costs such as minor building modifications or to purchase or replace equipment and furniture,” she said.

Mrs Elliot also paid tribute to the vital work of the 2.6 million carers throughout Australia.

“Carers across this nation play an important role in Australian society,” she said.

“They dedicate so much to improve the quality of the lives of our nation’s elderly and for people with disabilities.”

“Caring for someone full time is physically and emotionally demanding and carers need to be able to take deserved breaks.”

More than 600 respite services are funded through the NRFCP throughout Australia, providing services in carers’ homes, day centres and overnight cottages.

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