Red Cross committed to resident care

The organisation which runs the sanctioned NT home is cooperating with the government to address areas of non-compliance.

The approved provider of the Northern Territory home which was sanctioned last week has outlined its commitment to addressing the areas of non-compliance.

The Executive Director of Red Cross Northern Territory, Sharon Mulholland produced a statement saying the organisation was focussed on ensuring the care of residents.

“Red Cross is working cooperatively with the federal government and the Aged Care [Standards and] Accreditation Agency to address all non-compliance issues at the Katherine hostel and to make all the necessary changes,” she said.

“Red Cross will do whatever is necessary to ensure the care and safety of the 30 residents and to return the hostel to an acceptable level of compliance.

“The residents are our priority and our focus is on ensuring that they are well cared for, safe and reassured at this time.

The sanctions were imposed on the remote Katherine Red Cross Centre in the Northern Territory following an anonymous complaint and a subsequent visit by the Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency.

The agency raised concerns about the lack of skilled staff, the absence of a working call bell system, poor emergency plans, ineffective medication management and the site’s security.
The Northern Territory Division of the Red Cross does not operate any other aged care facilities.

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