Sanctioned home returns to full compliance

A Melbourne facility that was sanctioned in March met all 44 of the agency’s 44 expected outcomes in a recent audit.

A Melbourne aged care facility which was sanctioned earlier this year has returned to full compliance, meeting all 44 of the Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency’s 44 outcomes.

Werribee Terrace Aged Care facility underwent a follow-up accreditation audit on 4-5 August and all sanctions were lifted later that month.

The home responded promptly when the sanctions were handed down in March, appointing a Commonwealth-approved nurse advisor and a number of clinical consultants to help improve its standard of care.

It also appointed a new director of nursing and introduced new specialised training programs for staff members.

While it was under sanctions, the facility maintained regular communication with residents and their families about the changes that were taking place.

“We are extremely regretful of lapses in processes, and have pulled out all stops to ensure that our residents receive the care they deserve,” said the home’s Director, David Gibson.

“We will continue to maintain a system of continuous quality improvement that results in improved procedures, care, and safety.”

However the Commonwealth Government has announced that another Victorian facility was sanctioned at the weekend.

A statement from Ageing Minister Justine Elliot said serious concerns had been raised about staffing levels and the quality of care at Radford Private Nursing Home in Reservoir.

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