Shadow Minister voices budget concerns

Margaret May has accused the government of neglecting aged care in the federal budget.

Margaret May has issued a release pointing to the neglect of the aged care sector in Tuesday’s budget, while raising concerns that Labor’s economic policies will impact negatively on the industry for years to come.

“Wayne Swan has completely failed to recognise the impact an ageing population will have on the aged care sector,” said Mrs May. “The impact that years and years of future Rudd government debt and deficit will have on aged care is extremely alarming.

“The Rudd government has continued its Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde approach with aged care, giving a pension increase with one hand and stripping away the $910 million indexation of the Conditional Adjustment Payment subsidy with the other. Caring for Australia’s aged and frail is clearly not on the Rudd Government’s agenda.”

Mrs May casts doubt over whether Wayne Swan is taking the aged care sector seriously with his exclusion of aged care infrastructure from the $8.5 billion infrastructure package and the previous stimulus packages.

“It is disappointing that investment in the aged care needs of an ageing population are not a Wayne Swan priority,” said Mrs May. “Investment in aged care homes provides long-term economic and social benefits to communities around Australia as well as creating vital jobs.”

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