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A conservative lobby group has told the Victorian Government to improve palliative care, instead of legalising euthanasia.

A conservative lobby group has urged Victoria’s leaders to direct their attention to improving palliative care, after the state’s upper house dismissed a bill to legalise euthanasia.

The Australian Christian Lobby urged the state government to direct its attention to providing better assistance for the frail elderly and people with terminal illnesses.

“This bill pushed by vocal euthanasia advocates has diverted attention from the real
need to provide better end of life care services for Victorians,” said the organisation’s Victorian Director, Rob Ward.

“The vast majority of sick and elderly people have no interest in ending their lives
but could greatly benefit from more palliative care resources.”

Mr Ward said organisations like Palliative Care Victoria had identified a
pronounced need to improve the quality of palliative care and access to end-of-life services within the community.

As well as extra funding, he said there was need for more palliative care education for older people along with disability and community care workers.

Mr Ward particularly targeted aged care facilities, saying they need better palliative care resources.

“While concerns about dying are under the spotlight let’s use this as an opportunity to provide constructive help to those facing illness and death,” he said.

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