Rural nursing group merges with college

Former ARNM members will join a new rural faculty within the RCNA which will continue the association’s work.

Australian Rural Nurses and Midwives (ARNM) has officially merged with the Royal College of Nursing Australia (RCNA), ensuring that its mission is continued into the future.

The former members of ARNM will be incorporated into a new rural faculty of the college, in a move which is hoped will make new opportunities for a broad range of RCNA members.

“From an RCNA perspective, we enter this new phase with great excitement,” said the college’s CEO, Debra Cerasa.

“Not only are we welcoming ARNM’s members to RCNA, but with them we are welcoming the high profile, in-depth knowledge and incredible expertise of their organisation.”

Ms Cerasa added that there were excellent opportunities within the college to continue the ARNM’s work which benefits rural health practitioners throughout Australia.

A majority of ARNM members voted to merge with the RCNA late last year.

The organisation’s former CEO, Dr Marg McLeod will take up the position of Director of Research, Faculties and National Activities at the college. Former project officer, Jackie Poyser will also join the RCNA team.

Outgoing ARNM President Dr Jane Mills FRCNA said she is confident that the merger will be a success for both parties.

“The unity of our two organisations is a very positive thing for the nursing profession,” she said.

“Reshaping ARNM and its membership body into a rural faculty of RCNA ensures that the organisation’s corporate knowledge and expertise will not be lost.”

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