Search begins for new aged care navigator

The launch of navigator trials into the aged care system to assist older Australians seeking to enter residential care has been announced by the Government this week.

The federal government is launching a series of trials to find a new navigator for consumers struggling to understand the aged care system after widespread criticism of the My Aged Care portal.

The federal government announced in the 2018 Federal Budget it would provide $7.4 million for a new system navigator to make My Aged Care more user-friendly and easy to understand for older people struggling to find services and residential accommodation.

Tenders are invited for a new aged care navigator network including information hubs, community hubs and one-on-one specialists.

Applicants will need to show they can support seniors and their families through the current aged care system and help them understand the services available for their individual needs and how  to access them.

Minister for aged care Ken Wyatt said many seniors face barriers in making informed decisions because of difficulties navigating the system.

“Some people find it more difficult than others to navigate their way through and may need additional support to understand, choose and access aged care services,” Minister Wyatt said.

Ken Wyatt

He said the trials are in response to feedback from older Australians on the current system.

“I have been listening to people and these changes were formed following direct feedback from the community.

“We want to find the best ways to break down the barriers that are preventing people from making informed choices around their aged care,” Minister Wyatt said.

The trials would be of particular value to older people with complex needs, such language and technology barriers or those who face significant social isolation or financial disadvantage.

 What’s involved

  • 30 aged care information hubs providing locally targeted information to consumers
  • 20 community hubs to enable members to support each other in navigating aged care and healthy ageing
  • Six full time equivalent specialists in consumer-focused organisations to offer one-on-one support for vulnerable people

The trials will commence in January 2019 to June 2020. Tenders must be lodged by 23 October 2018.

Access the tender documents here.

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3 thoughts on “Search begins for new aged care navigator

  1. It’s really more of a trial of a number of different ways that disadvantaged older people might be supported to access and understand (navigate) the aged care system, not one system navigator as your article suggests. Notwithstanding, the Commonwealth is seeking a single national tender but it will inevitably involve many organisations with different strengths and focussing on different areas.

  2. It is hard to beat a one on one consultation with the people seeking help to navigate the system because even though it can be complex, mostly it is about sharing the guilt of putting someone into care. I’ve been helping people understand the system for three years now and it shouldn’t be this hard.

  3. Age care / Disability/ Dementia; Home Care, Residential Care, Respite. Frail people, people of different cultural and linguistic background, Aboriginal people/People living alone,with very little English. A COMPLEX MIX OF BEAUTIFUL HUMANS ENTITLED TO QUALITY CARE.

    This a like a complex city of needs, wants& human rights. No city is built by one construction company. We should not aim to improve quality of life and care of millions with one System Navigator. The government needs to listen to what Dementia Australia, FECCA, Aboriginal Councils, Ethnic Commissions, Multicultural councils and WHAT WE, THE CONSUMERS, people who are awaiting some concrete assistance, ARE SAYING. Please don’t rush, have more consultations with all of us.

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