Seniors back green paper

COTA has welcomed the Federal Government’s protections for older Australians in its carbon pollution reduction scheme.

Older Australians have supported the carbon pollution reduction scheme initiative announced by the federal Department of Climate Change this week.

COTA Over 50s welcomed the general direction of the paper, saying it was pleased with the government’s assurances that benefits for pensioners and carers would be increased beyond indexation to offset rising costs under the scheme.

“Many older Australians are already hard pressed to cope with the rapid increases in the cost of living,” said the organisation’s Executive Director, Dr Geoffrey Bird.

“I’m pleased that the government has promised increased payments, above automatic indexation, to prevent that situation becoming even worse.”

COTA will monitor the scheme when it is implemented in 2010 to ensure that the money it generates is used to help older households.

The organisation will also press government to manage the interrelationship between the tax system and the new scheme effectively.

“Older Australians want to take practical steps in their homes and communities to reduce their carbon footprint, so it is vital that the Government is very proactive in providing consumer information to help households take action to reduce energy use and save on energy bills,” said Dr Bird.

“All of our COTA organisations are well placed to assist in getting that sort of information out.”

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