Smart kitchen in aged friendly home

A NSW smart house has been upgraded with adjustable kitchen cupboards and benchtops.

A height-adjustable bench at Baptist Community Services’ Age Friendly Home in Sydney

Kitchen cupboards and benchtops at Baptist Community Services’ Aged Friendly Home in Sydney’s northwest have been fitted with lifts, making them adjustable.

The lifts provided by Caredesign contain enable people with limited functional ability to work in the kitchen without assistance.

They are contained within ‘telescopic’ legs and behind cupboard fittings.

The above-bench cupboards are able to move down and across by as much as 400mm and the benches can be lowered to a level that suits a seated person.

The demonstration home – formerly known as the Smart House – is an average suburban residence which has been specially modified.

It also features adjustable sinks, fall-detecting sensors, an alarm to remind residents of key appointments and a set-top box that monitors vital health measures.

“All these innovations help older Australians, people living with dementia and people with disabilities to stay within their own home by installing technology or making simple renovations, rather than moving into a care facility,” said Jodie Rutherford, the project manager for property at Baptist Community Services.

The modular lift system can be incorporated into a wide range of standard and custom-fabricated cupboards and worktops, allowing professional and private users to combine them with the furniture of their choice.

Worktop spaces and cupboards are adjusted by pressing a switch located on the front of the bench..

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