SummitCare recognises super staff

The NSW provider has paid tribute to its hard working and long serving staff at a special ceremony in Sydney.

NSW provider SummitCare paid tribute to its hard working and long serving staff at a special ceremony last week.

The group’s fifth recognition event was held at the St Marys Gardens facility in Sydney’s west.

The annual event is designed to celebrate the achievements of staff members who have received training qualifications, reached long service milestones or excelled in particular areas of their work.

CEO, Cynthia Payne said the idea came from a review of feedback from staff surveys as part of the group’s strategic plan.

“As an organisation, even though we have been running for 45 years, we had no formalised recognition program,” she said.

“It was down to the individual centres to recognise staff for their services but we thought we could do something more.”

This year 36 SummitCare employees received certificates for educational accomplishments and 35 staff members were recognised for their service to the organisation over a long period of time.

Two SummitCare employees were recognised for 25 years of service, while three staff members reached 20 years of service. Twelve people received certificates for 15 years of service and 18 reached the 10 year milestone.

“The vast majority of these people work in our organisation as long as they do because of the residents and the people they work with,” said Ms Payne.

“There is a real sense of collegiality among our staff and their relationships develop beyond professional boundaries.

“We take this time out to recognise them properly, to give them a nice gift and to make this ceremony all about them.”

Four SummitCare employees were also recognised as Summit Stars for excellence in one of four categories: excellence in care; leadership in action; living the organisation’s culture; and excellence in team work.

“At each of our centres, nominations are received throughout the year for each of these categories and they are tabled at a management team meeting at the end of each month,” Ms Payne explains.

“The staff members whose nominations fit the criteria receive a certificate, a badge and a gift certificate from their centre and they then go in the running to win a major award at this event.”

Three certificates of commendation were also awarded as part of the Summit Star program.

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