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An Australian CMS developer has launched a new software system specifically targeted at small single-site operators.

Adelaide-based clinical support software provider, Healthsolve has released a new care management system (CMS) designed specifically for small, stand-alone facilities.

The new Small Services Package (SMP) was developed in response to consumer demand and industry studies which indicated that single-site providers were losing out because they lacked the IT infrastructure of larger groups.

The new program is based on Healthsolve’s regular CMS and is suitable for both residential and community care service operators.

“The competitive disadvantage many providers suffer relative to the larger groups was not so much about site size but rather the lack of affordable tools to optimise the quality/cost equation,” said Healthsolve’s Clinical Management Analyst Fergus Mackenzie.

The SMP has full ACFI functionality and is available for a monthly fee.

It offers many of the features found in larger services’ systems, including: a client database and diary; assessment appraisal packs; care plans; electronic progress notes; decision supports; flexible forms; report writers; online training elements; 24-hour support; and ‘User Group’ membership.

“As an organisation we work in a number of different settings – in hospitals and overseas – so we were able to look at our whole pricing structure for a flexible solution,” said Healthsolve’s Managing Director, Nick Cuthbertson. 

“We said: ‘Let’s introduce some of the international pricing we have and streamline the whole process. Let’s take the complexity and cost out of the system so that essentially we can give the small stand-alone facilities the sorts of tools we are offering larger organisations at a price that will work for them’.”

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