Swift and Checked In Care announce partnership

Swift Networks and Checked In Care are teaming up to integrate their platforms and improve accessibility, end-user experience and profitability for providers.

A new alliance between aged care vendors Swift Networks and Checked In Care aims to integrate their platforms to connect ecosystems and improve accessibility, end-user experience and profitability for providers.

Checked In Care’s award-winning self-service and communication platform equips staff, care recipients and families with 24/7 self-service and communication tools. A single app tailors the user interface to each end-user’s requirements – which means staff and residents’ relatives have different interfaces.

Swift’s platform focuses on entertaining, engaging and enabling aged care residents via the television. It offers tailored programs for aged care communities including movies, virtual travel, low sensory content to aid relaxation and dementia care, age-specific exercise classes and a live streaming tool so residents can participate via their in-room TV.

The partnership will explore opportunities to integrate the two platforms based on what content and experiences aged care residents would prefer to consume via the TV, app or both. It will also look at how to better support providers in delivering facility wide communications and assist care staff and families in creating more inclusive communities through a single connected ecosystem.

On reasons behind the partnership, Checked in Care founder and chief executive officer John Perkins said the work of the two companies was complementary as both focused on providing platforms to improve the customer experience.

“Swift deliver primarily through the in-room TV screen, whereas Checked In Care deliver via an app platform on mobile devices. By combining the two platforms through a joint integration, we are enabling a more comprehensive customer experience solution,” Mr Perkins told Australian Ageing Agenda.

Aged care homes will also benefit from being “able to provide an even greater level of family and resident interaction, through the TV screen, a medium to which aged care residents are most familiar,” he said.

Potential integrations identified in early discussions include families and friends of residents being able to share photos and videos directly from the Checked In Care app to a resident’s television and order additional services from TVs.

Swift CEO Brian Mangano said the partnership was in direct response to aged care providers asking for simplified ecosystems that supported various aspects of delivering the best possible customer experience and improving profitability.

“Leveraging our respective strengths to deliver a connected ecosystem that spans and serves multiple stakeholders [and] improves the customer experience, operational efficiency and increased profitability are the key objectives for this partnership.”

Main image: Swift Networks CEO Brian Mangano (left) with Checked In Care CEO and founder John Perkins

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