Victorian aged care provider Benetas is offering a course to help elderly husbands looking after their wives.

The ‘Well for Life’ course is designed to help small groups of men learn how to shop and cook for their partner and themselves.

Tips on areas such as mobility and lifting are included in the course.

“Most older people simply don’t know what to do when their spouse becomes incapable of functioning and/or requiring personal care,” said Benetas Respite Services Manager, Rod Lewis.

“Men in particular can struggle to cope without a ‘how to’ guide.  They’re often scared as it’s not something that comes naturally and they really want to do the right thing for their wife.”

As well as providing participants with the skills to cope with their partner at home, the course will give them the opportunity to interact with other carers in a similar position.

Benetas Respite Services will also be hosting a series of information sessions around Victoria during 2008 to inform carers about the respite opportunities available to them.

Benetas currently offers a wide range of respite programs including adult day care and short-term residential stays as well as flexible weekend, emergency and overnight respite options.

For more information call the Benetas free aged care advice line on 1300 23 63 82.

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