The big day is here: doors open

Right now, across Australia, aged care facilities are playing host to a variety of colourful community events, as part of a global aged care open day.


Right now, across Australia, aged care facilities are playing host to a variety of colourful and engaging community events, as part of the ACSA National Open Day.

Today’s initiative is part of a global movement to show the great work being done in aged care, with Australia joining the United Kingdom, Malta and South Africa in staging the event this year.

As Australian Ageing Agenda has reported, aged care providers have been making big plans for how they will celebrate today. For example, a Sydney-based community care organisation will attempt to break a Guinness World Record and hold the world’s largest outdoor exercise class for older people, while a South Australia provider will take over Rundle Mall to promote positive images of ageing.

ACSA national corporate relations manager Judy Martin said today’s initiative was an opportunity “to share with our international colleagues who care for older people as they celebrate their own open days.”

ACSA NSW CEO Illana Halliday, who also helped drive the initiative on behalf of the peak body, said aged care providers are dedicated to helping the people they care for “and there are so many examples of exceptional work that we wanted to raise awareness in the community.”

Mark Sewell, CEO of Warrigal, said his organisation was taking part by hosting a range of events such as morning teas, BBQ lunches and tours of its services.

He described the initiative as “a great way to showcase the excellent services on offer and the fantastic work that goes on at Warrigal.”

“Some people still have misconceptions about aged care services, so we are keen to dispel any myths that are out there and for people to come and have a look around. Our participation in this Open Day is being replicated around the globe… It is very exciting to know we are involved in a global activity celebrating aging,” said Mr Sewell.

Australian Ageing Agenda will feature coverage of some of the best and brightest open day events. To be included in the coverage of the events, send your photos to 

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