‘Thumbs up’ for PC draft

The collective has examined the draft report’s details and cross-checked its recommendations against the Grand Plan’s goals. Now, CCOA hands down its conclusion.

After close inspection of the fine print, the Productivity Commission’s draft report has received a glowing commendation from the Campaign for Care of Older Australians (CCOA) collective.

CCOA has praised the Caring for Older Australians draft for including all of the necessary elements of aged care reform, as identified in the group’s ongoing Grand Plan.

The organisation’s chair, Pat Sparrow, said that it was particularly pleased that the report recognised both the short and long term wishes of the aged care sector.

“We are heartened that the Commission has developed a plan for renewal based on the well being and independence of older people and a universal entitlement to aged care services,” Ms Sparrow said.

“The Grand Plan proposed a range of reforms including a cost of care study, flexible payment options for accommodation, increased government payments and support for people who can’t afford to pay, a single community care program and initiatives to improve workforce wages and conditions,” Ms Sparrow said.

“The Commission has recognised that each of these areas must be addressed in an effort to ensure a sustainable aged care system able to provide more choice and better access to services for older people.

“The report, which has thoroughly canvassed the complexities of funding and regulating aged care, has created a once in a generation opportunity for fundamental change.”

Ms Sparrow said that CCOA is also pleased with the Minister for Mental Health and Ageing, Mark Butler’s eagerness to engage with all stakeholders and to work towards an industry and community consensus on the major aspects of the reform agenda.

“Now we need action. With the Commission’s final report due in June we expect the Government will signal its intention to implement reforms as soon as possible, allowing for an appropriate transition period.”

CCOA comprises 11 national organisations providing community and residential aged care and housing.

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