Tool helps providers plan for AN-ACC

Mirus Australia has launched a diagnostic tool to help aged care providers prepare for the Australian National Aged Care Classification funding model.

Aged care consultancy Mirus Australia has launched an interactive diagnostic tool to support aged care services transition to the residential aged care sector’s new funding model.

The Mirus ACFI- to AN-ACC Pathway (MAAP) tool provides a step-by-step framework to help aged care services plan for the Australian National Aged Care Classification funding model, which replaces the Aged Care Funding Instrument from October 2022.

The tool aims to help providers prepare for the transition across three overlapping phases and five work streams, including finance, people, processes, data and systems.

The phases are:

  1. a continued focus on ACFI from now until October 2022
  2. the ACFI to AN-ACC transition from January 2022
  3. operating in the new AN-ACC world from October 2022

Aged care providers can map their readiness by answering 10 questions to. The diagnostic tool then provides a result, which is a starting point for providers to consider their next steps in planning and preparing for the changes. 

Andrew Farmer

Mirus Australia CEO Andrew Farmer said this diagnostic should help all providers, regardless of their level of preparation.

“In our conversations with clients and given the amount of pressure from so many environmental factors, the easier we can make it for them to come up to speed with the required information, the better,” Mr Farmer said.

However, he said aged care providers need to start preparing for the transition immediately.

“We saw firsthand the impact new funding models can have when ACFI was first introduced. It affects many parts of the operations but preparing earlier will make this transition much smoother,” Mr Farmer said.

This is the second tool Mirus Australia has launched to help providers transition to the new funding model after launching the online AN-ACC & ACFI Calculator in June to show the difference in entitlements between the two approaches.

Access Mirus ACFI- to AN-ACC Pathway.

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