Uncertainty over release of AN-ACC results

A Department of Health statement implies the much-sought after release of the shadow assessments may be delayed.

Despite delays due to COVID, the Department of Health has told Australian Ageing Agenda that it is working to have all assessments for the new funding classification completed by 30 June, “with all providers to have at least one service assessed by the end of March – dependent on access to services.”

However, when the results will be released remains unclear: “The release of price and assessment results is a decision for the Australian Government,” said a spokesperson.

According to a DoH statement issued on 9 March, more than 68 per cent of residents have received an Australian National Aged Care Classification (AN-ACC) assessment during the shadow period. This implies that almost a third of aged care residents remain unassessed less than seven months out from AN-ACC’s introduction.

The statement also suggests that the 30 June deadline will only be met if facilities continue to undertake assessments regardless of COVID.

“The department is aware that providers undertake service and resource planning around March-April each year and is aware that providers are keen to receive further information on both the outcomes of the current shadow assessment process and the AN‑ACC starting price. To ensure this timing is possible, the department strongly encourages facilities to continue to undertake assessments during COVID-19 where this is safe to do so,” the statement reads.

As AAA reported last week, the failure to provide the assessment results and pricing information for the new aged care funding model is restricting providers’ abilities to plan ahead, and adding to unparalleled levels of pressure due to COVID – and now, for some – the aftermath of major floods.

Since then the DoH has organised for a webinar addressing the aged care funding reforms to take place next Friday 18 March. Topics to be discussed include AN-ACC progress and updates on shadow assessments, resident classifications and funding and transition support for providers.

It remains uncertain whether providers will be given the results of the shadow assessments completed to date or the AN-ACC resident classifications and funding details that apply when the funding model begins in October.

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1 thought on “Uncertainty over release of AN-ACC results

  1. The government has announced that AN ACC has recognised that the cost to deliver basic nursing home care per resident is $216.80. The basic cost! Under AN ACC there is a chart of 13 resident needs by category, it’s not until a resident is assessed at level 9 that the $216.80 is met!
    Categories 2-8 don’t reach the minimum acknowledged funding. Explain that!

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