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In the next edition of Australian Ageing Agenda magazine we look at new and emerging design for residential aged care, the latest clinical software supporting staff and residents and effective hygiene and cleaning practices.

In the November-December edition of Australian Ageing Agenda magazine we are examining new and emerging design, construction and interior features in residential aged care.

The latest evidence and new aged care quality standards are all pointing to new areas to consider for the aged care built environment.

Meanwhile new developments in technology and financial pressures see providers looking for energy efficient solutions. 

We will talk to architects, providers, and experts innovating in this space about:

  • new and emerging design and construction
  • the latest interiors and furnishings
  • energy and cost-efficient solutions for a sustainable future
  • other aspects of the built environment to support the modern and future aged care resident.

Clinical Software

hands of farmer with tablet with infographics on the screen

A lot of people in and connected to the sector are talking about the importance of data in the future management of aged care.

Data is already being used to measure outcomes in a bid to improve quality. 

It can also be used to predict the risk of something happening in order to prevent it. 

Next edition, we look at evidence-based clinical software that is helping frontline workers do their jobs safely, efficiently and more accurately.

We will speak with researchers and frontline workers about best-practice software for managing clinical practices such as medication delivery, measuring residents’ health statuses or collecting clinical indicators.

Hygiene and cleaning

Mop bucket on cleaning in process and worker

We also examine the most common and urgent hygiene and cleaning issues affecting those operating and working in aged care facilities next issues. 

With the input of providers and industry experts, we will hear about the most effective practices to implement and practice to undertake these essential tasks safely and efficiently. 

If you have a story to tell or expertise to share on these topics, please get in touch.

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