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The AIHW has released two resources to ensure consistent reporting in the health and community services sectors.

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) has launched two comprehensive reports on CD ROM to promote national consistency in the health and community services sectors.

The 14th version of the National Health Data Dictionary is designed to improve uniformity of data collected under the National Health Information Agreement.

The AIHW said the health dictionary is increasingly being used as a resource to standardise data collections that are not mandatory for national collection

The fifth version of the National Community Services Data Dictionary will help provide consistency of reporting for data collected under the scope of the National Community Services Information Agreement (NCSIA).

It contains definitions that are endorsed as national standards for organisations collecting data in Australia.

Both dictionaries have been downloaded from the METeOR – the AIHW’s internet registry for the development, registration and dissemination of metadata.

Click here to access the dictionaries.

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