The next edition of Australian Ageing Agenda magazine is looking into improving resident and staff experience, hospitality and technology for care.

Ensuring a top experience for aged care residents should be the focus of all providers. The quality standards demand it.

Staff members also need a positive experience in order to deliver a quality service. At the same time thin profit margins mean staff productivity must also be in focus.

In the next issue of Australian Ageing Agenda magazine you will hear from experts and providers experience and productivity including:

  • the key elements of a good experience
  • how to improve the experience of residents and staff
  • programs and offerings that boost experience and productivity.


The factors important to a good quality of life in residential aged care must include the food and meal time experience.

But equally all hotel services such as laundry, cleaning and entertainment are important.

Next issue we will showcase the latest hospitality programs and techniques giving homes a five-star advantage.

Technology for care

From keeping track of medications to helping prevent falls, there’s a plethora or software, systems, sensors and devices supporting the care of residents.

Next edition, we will highlight technology that is making a big impact on the frontline care delivery and care outcomes for residents.

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