High-quality dementia care still rare says visiting prof

AUDIO: The current challenge for dementia care is to make the exceptional the norm, according to a keynote speaker at a recent international dementia conference in Sydney.

dementia care
Professor Mary Marshall at last week’s international dementia conference

AUDIO: The current challenge for dementia care is to make the exceptional the norm, according to Emeritus Professor Mary Marshall of Stirling University.

Prof Marshall was speaking at international dementia conference Risky Business 2 on Thursday in Sydney. She told the audience that while we had the skills and knowledge to give the best care, it was not yet widespread practice.

After her presentation, Prof Marshall talked to Natasha Egan about striving for the exceptional:


Elsewhere in her presentation, Prof Marshall talked about dementia-friendly communities and said while there was much buzz around the term, it was unclear what that actually meant. She explains here:


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1 thought on “High-quality dementia care still rare says visiting prof

  1. I would like to leave a comment on optimal dementia care. As an employee of Alzheimer’s Queensland I am proud to say that I work for an organisation which truly does live and breath the philosophy of care that we say we have adopted, which is very similar to Hammond Care and is along the lines of Ms Marshall’s work. One look at our community respite services and how clients spend their day when they are visiting will reconfigure anyones negative perception of what a person with dementia can and should be allowed to do. Our philosophy is about maintaining independence, ensuring the dignity that comes with being an adult, and accepting that risks should be a normal element in everyones life irrespective of having dementia. Our clients go on adventurous activities such as Bridge climbing if that is what they wish to do, or do simple everyday meaningful things like ironing pillow cases when they are with us. Our centres in every essence is a ‘Home away from Home’.

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