Reform ready review findings

AUDIO: The Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council’s Dr Jen Hamer gives Natasha Egan an overview of the national reform ready review findings, which identified workforce, business model and leadership succession as key areas.


Dr Jen Hamer
Dr Jen Hamer

AUDIO: Aged care providers have identified workforce planning, business model and leadership succession as the key areas they need to focus on to survive 1 July reforms and beyond, according to the results of over 200 in-house reviews assessing preparedness for reform.

Dr Jen Hamer, manager workforce development at the Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council, spoke at the Elephant in the Room conference on Tuesday about the commonwealth-funded Aged Care Workforce Innovation Network (WIN) model.

The 10 WINs have provided free ‘Reform Ready Reviews’ to aged care organisations in each of the regions plus the option for participating providers to apply for up to $15,000 to carry out review recommendations.

Dr Hamer told AAA that 203 aged care organisations took part in the in-depth reviews nationally, 153 participants had so far applied for a grant and 13 regional projects had been created.

After her presentation she spoke with AAA’s Natasha Egan and gave an overview of the reviews and the findings:


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