Masonic Homes (SA) and disability service providers, Community Living Project (CLP), have received a $1 million grant to develop a respite program for older carers of children with a disability.

“The Masonic-CLP partnership is a powerful combination of understanding and expertise in both the needs and care of seniors in the community in general, and those caring for people with a disability,” said Masonic Homes’ CEO, Doug Strain.

“The focus of the partnership will be to develop new options to increase the availability and supply of flexible and appropriate respite services to specifically targeted groups in the community,” Mr Strain said.

Masonic’s General Manager of Community Care, Ms Valerie Sandlant, said a unique strength of the program model developed by the partnership was the considerable skill and experience of Masonic and CLP in the assessment, planning and provision of direct care and respite services to respective client groups.

The funding will come from the Commonwealth Department of Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs over a period of tow and a half years.

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