Be inspired…again

This years Be Inspired Campagin is starting off with a bang, or more accurately, with a rev

By Lillian Radulova

No, they’re not ‘doof-doofs’ looking for trouble. The hoards of V8 cars that will pass by Victorians’ front doors and make all that noise on Sunday 2 October are actually seniors proving they can live life to the fullest too.

The upcoming Aged and Community Care Victoria (ACCV) Be Inspired campaign, happening until October 9, will aim to celebrate and promote the active, older members of the community, as part of the 2011 Victorian Seniors Festival celebration.

CEO of ACCV, Gerard Mansour, said that the campaigns’ message will be directed to both the community and government sectors.

“It is about the positive side of aging…older citizens are a critical part of our community,” Mr Mansour said.

“This is way of celebrating that, and recognising that the importance of being active, having dreams and passions is a part of ageing, not just a part of younger peoples lives.

“But the industry needs to be properly resourced. If we don’t have a viable industry then we can’t have people living independently at home.”

The face of the campaign will be 97 year old grandmother of seven, Mim Egans, who not only lives independently at home with support from Southern Cross Care but engages in regular exercise, gardening, music practice, and writing classes alongside spending time with her family.

Ms Egans will inspire the entire community this Sunday with the message that older people can still live life to the full, Mr Mansour said, when she joins 11 other seniors and Australia’s oldest and longest-racing Hot Rod driver Ray Welsh, in a precession of V8 cars from the Albert Park Grand Prix circuit to Federation Square.

“That will inspire older people to live their own dreams.”
“Mim is an example of what so many older people do everyday and we’re so excited to let the community know that. All the theory tells us that being active and involved in the community, staying in contact with friends and having interests all contribute to healthy ageing… that’s what the campaign is about.”
But, he commented, the key to keeping people like Ms Egans active members of the community relies heavily on support from the aged care industry and their care packages such as community care.
“All those things that allow someone old and frail to remain at home, the government is not giving sufficient funding for, which leads to a reduction in services and hours. That’s the opposite of what we should be doing.
“We all inspire to be independent, but we need support form the industry to do that; provide proper funding so we can provide the right services.”

In making the wishes and dreams of older people come true, the campaign will also organise a number of simpler activities  at a local level after asking people in facilities what wishes they want to see happen.

“From simple things, like one of the aged care members is organising a dinner for older people in their facility. It’s lovely because they’re going to have dinner with their lover or partner.”

The 2011 Victorian Seniors’ Festival will also feature numerous free activities and entertainment from theatre to guided walks, with the Victorian government providing free metropolitan and regional public transport for all Victorian seniors’ card holders from October 2-9.

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